Why are you so keen on photographing birds?

Thats what I'm always asked when people are interested in my pictures.

Well, there areseveral different answers to this question.
The first reason is, that I find it very relaxing to take pictures of birds. The mobile is switched off when I'm sitting in a hide, waiting for a bird of prey. I can spend hours watching a bird singing, preening, chasing insects, feeding youngsters, cuddling its mate or just doing nothing.
This is my time to calm down from work and to relax completely.
But on the other hand, photographing birds is a big challenge. Usually they are small, very fast moving and easy to scare away. You can never know what is going to happen when you leave the house and go out to take pictures of birds. You may come home after hours without a single picture or you might be the luckiest person alive coming home with pictures you were really dreaming of... It will always be exciting for me.  
The third and most personal reason is that birds are the connection between earth and sky. I am fascinated by the feathered winged artists and my aim is to create images that express my fascination...

By now I am a member of FOTOTRAINER4YOU-TEAM There you can have a look at my Portfolio.